Warm Air Commercial / Industrial heating

Commercial Warm Air Heating inĀ  East Sussex

Warm Air Heating SystemsWarm air heating is possibly the most common type of factory heating in this country provided by either floor standing cabinet or suspended unit heaters.

A free blowing warm air system is one of the most cost effective and efficient means of heating industrial and commercial buildings.

It is much less expensive than a wet system with boilers and radiating panels and has a much faster speed of response.

Floor Standing Cabinets

warm-air-heating2Positioned on the floor with larger outputs than their unit heater counterparts, these are quick and effective way of heating a factory.

  • Indirect gas or oil fired
  • Horizontal stainless flues on new models
  • Stainless steel or mild steel heat exchangers
  • Free blowing or ducted applications
  • Summer ventilation facility
  • Weatherproof versions available

Suspended Unit Heaters

warm-air-heating3Suspended from the factory roof or positioned on an internal flat roof maximising the available floor space for production.

  • Suspended for maximum floor space
  • Horizontal flue eliminating roof penetration
  • Ducted combustion air
  • Centrifugal fan for ducted applications
  • Summer ventilation facility

Roselands Heating are specialists in warm air heating systems in Sussex, either floor standing or suspended.

Warm air systems must be regularly serviced to ensure safe and efficient operation.