domestic-boilersHere’s a few tips for you to help with energy efficiency of your home:

  • Your room thermostat should be between 18 and 21°C
  • Turning your thermostat down by 1°C could cut your heating bills by up to 10%
  • A low constant heat will be more fuel efficient than peaks and troughs – it will make your heating system work harder if it has to keep increasing from a cooler temperature
  • Close your curtains at night – this will help keep the heat in
  • Don’t drape your curtains over radiators – the heat will go behind them
  • Use the half load in your washing machine if you have one – don’t always run on full loads unless you have to
  • Always keep a lid on your saucepans
  • Turn lights off in rooms when you aren’t in them – and tell your kids to do this as well!
  • Don’t leave appliances on standby all day, turn them right off

Using these tips will guarantee you saving money off your gas and electric bills.