Eastbourne Academy

Roselands Heating has worked extensively in the education sector, gaining hands-on experience within a wide range of educational environments, from nurseries through to schools and universities. As a result, our team of commercial heating engineers is familiar with the varied requirements within each of these settings, as well as the wide range of different heating options that are in place. This knowledge allows us to diagnose issues efficiently and ensures that we can implement effective solutions with minimal disruption. We don’t tie our customers into an ongoing contract, preferring to offer our services on a flexible basis. This ensures that people work with us in future because they want to, not because they need to. We also require all our staff to be DBS checked so that our customers within this sector have peace of mind while we’re working on site.

What heating services do we offer?

Why use professionals?

Working with professionals ensures that work is completed efficiently, effectively, and with minimal disruption. This saves time and money by avoiding a lengthy diagnostic process and making sure that the root cause of the issue is addressed as quickly as possible. Within the education sector, where requirements can vary drastically and access restrictions can be in place, hassle can be minimised by choosing to work with experienced heating engineers. All our team members are DBS checked and will carry out their work safely and in the manner that best suits you and your organisation. At Roselands Heating, we provide the professional and reliable support you need, acting as your experienced technical partner.

Tailored solutions

We adopt a flexible approach that ensures our customers receive an excellent service at all times. Our services are carefully tailored to the requirements of you and your business so that you always benefit from the right solution to your issue and don’t need to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. This reflects our commitment to quality and ensures that, no matter what the issue is, we take the time to understand it fully and address it thoroughly. We also don’t require ongoing contracts, preferring to gain repeat business from customers who choose to work with us because they want to, not because they have to.