Church Heating Specialists

Church HeatingChurches present unique and sometimes challenging heating problems due to their large open spaces. Old stone churches and modern places of worship often share the same problems when it comes to heating – high walls, high roofs, and in most cases, single-glazed stained glass windows.

Roselands Heating have fitted and maintained heating systems in numerous churches in East Sussex and West Sussex over the years. In fact one of the first installations Roselands Heating carried out over 35 years ago was in a local church and we are pleased to say we still maintain that system today. So we are well placed to help and advise in this challenging area.

Church Heating Installation Case Study

Church HeatingThe Challenge
In this 1970’s historic church, it had a gas heating system installed. This system comprised a number of wall mounted heaters but maintenance costs on this outdated system were high and the heating effect was unsubstantial and due to frequent breakdowns and parts being obsolete a new system was required.

This Traditionally built church had the same problem as most old churches, the high ceilings and large open interior made it very difficult to heat.

Due to the requirement of rapid heat up times and short notice heat requirements it was decided with consultation with the client that the best way forward was the installation of two radiant high efficiency vision tube heaters. These units deliver exceptional performance in terms of efficiency and the potential to substantially reduce energy costs.