Heating Solutions for Hotels

Hotel Heating SystemsOver the years, Roselands Heating has provided plumbing and heating solutions to a variety of hotels and public houses across East Sussex and West Sussex. This includes boiler installations and recommendations as to the best and most efficient level of heating system required.

We carry out emergency repairs, general maintenance and gas safety inspections, LPG & Oil boiler servicing in all commercial and industrial properties. We pride ourselves on our quick response time to emergency call outs and our in-house annual gas reminder system.

Roselands Heating also install and maintain commercial boilers and heating systems in offices, warehouses, churches and schools over the South of England.

Hotel Heating Case Study

A major Eastbourne hotel had commercial boiler leak, leading to total loss of hot water and heating. Due to the age and the extent of the leak on the existing heating system, it was not possible to repair. Their existing contractor had gone into administration and they needed a quick and effective response.

Roselands Heating responded the same working day and surveyed the demands and needs of the hotel and specified a new heating system which would be capable of delivering the correct heating and hot water requirements of the hotel, whilst increasing the overall efficiency of the system.

The new heating system was installed and commissioned within the agreed 14 day time scale.