Warehouse Heating in West Sussex

warehouse-heating-west-sussexRoselands Heating have been working with warehouse heating in West Sussex very successfully for this length of time, as well as over the rest of the South East of England.

From large warehouses and factories to small industrial units, Roselands Heating have over 40 years’ experience in the service, maintenance and installation of heating solutions in this specialised environment.

From frost protection, to a complete heating design, our warehouse heating team can tailor a solution made to suit your requirements.

We offer a free site survey and advice on designing the system characteristics to your preferential requirements. We will discuss the various options available to you and advise on the most cost effective whether it be warm air – radiant – suspended – floor standing – natural gas – LPG – oil fired etc.

As well as working in warehouses and factories, we also install and maintain commercial boilers in schools, offices, hotels and churches throughout the South East of England.

Service and Maintenance
Regular servicing and maintenance by fully trained commercial heating engineers is essential to the continued performance and safety of your heating units. At Roselands Heating our service does not stop at sale and install. We offer cost effective maintenance and service plans that will help keep your plant in optimum condition and fulfil health and safety obligations.

Upgrades and refurbishments
For practical or economic reasons the best solution to meeting a customer’s requirements will sometimes involve upgrading, adding to or refurbishing existing plant. Roselands Heating will be pleased to advise, providing a comprehensive quotation.


Warehouse Heating in West SussexWarm Air the most widely used form of industrial heating which works by passing the air within a building over a heat exchanger, heating it and then distributing it evenly throughout a building. It is suitable for warehouses, retail premises, showrooms, factories, workshops and many other commercial premises providing low capital outlay and energy efficient running costs.

Heater outputs vary to cater for large or small spaces and are available as floor standing heaters or suspended heater types. Room sealed heaters are available which are suitable for dusty or contaminated environments.

Radiant heaters directly warm surfaces and objects below them, such as people and machinery. Heat can be directed and create spot heat to an area within a large building and is therefore ideal for larger, poorly insulated buildings and bay areas with high heat losses.
Heater outputs vary according to requirements and units can be suspended at various heights to suit.
All heat loss calculations are carried out taking into account various building construction ‘U’ factors along with forced or natural infiltration rates in order to achieve the designed temperature.

So if you are looking for solutions for your factory or warehouse heating in West Sussex then please give us a call at Roselands Heating 01323 639455. We look forward to your call…